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Choosing an HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable


Whether you need HDMI cable for your game console or home entertainment set ups such as a DVD player or television, how to purchase HDMI cable can be confusing.

The Basics

HDMI stands for high definition multimedia interface and it’s what is needed to get the best quality or picture and sound when using high definition components such as a television, DVD player or game console. When you need to connect audio and video sources, an HDMI cable allows you to use a single cable instead of multiple ones.

Price Points

When choosing an HDMI cable you can find many different price points. HDMI cables can run from $15 up to $100 on average so which one do you buy? Does price make a difference? Most of the time price has no bearing on how well the cable performs. Since there are just two styles of HDMI cable, you’re usually paying for a name brand instead of better quality. A Type A HDMI cable has 19 wires and a Type B has 29 wires, making the quality higher than a Type A cable. This is the only difference. All are made of braided metal, rubber, silicone and plastic and a higher price won’t necessarily get you better quality.

Length is a Factor

Length is a factor when purchasing HDMI cable. As with all cables, the shorter the better. Your HDMI cable will perform its best when under 15 feet in length.

Online vs. Specialty Stores

You can find HDMI cable online much less expensive than if you get it at a specialty store. While it may be more convenient to purchase your HDMI cable when you purchase the set up that requires it, if you have the time to shop around you can find it online and pay a fraction of the cost on average.

Consider Placement

When using HDMI cable consider the placement of your equipment. Try to keep your DVD player close to your television for example. Having equipment far away from each other not only requires that you need longer cable but will drive up the cost as well. A longer cable will mean a weaker signal since the closer your HDMI cable, the better the quality. Also, having your equipment far enough away from each other to have to buy more means that you can spend double on the purchase price.

In a world where technology rules, HDMI cable doesn’t have to be intimidating when needing it. With just a few simple tips you’ll be on your way to having superior sound and picture at a reasonable price.

Note: When trying to setup your computer with your TV it is not possible to have a stand alone cable that goes HDMI to VGA, More info can be found here: VGA to HDMI Is A Lie

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